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Cocoa Apricot scented wax 


After Dark -  A rich exotic blend of Egyptian amber and the elegance of French lavender create the heartbeat of this rich fragrance. Supporting notes of tonka bean, myrrh and sage conform to add sophistication, creating a unique balance of sweet floral and earthy depth. 

Cocoa Butter - Rich cocoa butter combines with the sweetness of coconut, warm cedarwood, jasmine, and vanilla to complete this elegant and unique blend. This fragrance creates the perfect warm and cozy ambiance anytime of year.

Mahogany - A exotic blend of cedar, mahogany, and oak, highlighted with hints of geranium and lavender. A perfect woodsy, masculine blend for fall or all year round. 

Midnight - Succulent plum intertwines with sweet cardamom, aromatic clove and salty ozone. Lingering in the background, you’ll find notes of vanilla and amber to tie this unique fragrance together.

Pineapple Crown - Fresh tropical pineapple with notes of anise,lemon-lime, green leaves and palm adds depth. The base of earthy sage, vetiver and patchouli aids in the true-to-life hemp, makes for a delicious yet relaxing aroma. *product does not contain THC or CBD

Quiet Storm- This deep, complex scent, has the perfect blend of woody notes and citrus. Bergamot, lavender, rose, lemon-lime, and grapefruit are softly met with base notes of rich amber, sandalwood, cardamom and musk. 

Uncorked-  Un-wine with this bold, boozy and sophisticated twist on a French merlot wine. A flavorful dark cherry and black raspberry fragrance with base notes of aged oak, amber with a smooth sweet vanilla finish. 

Vanilla Woods -  A sexy blend of creamy vanilla, with smoky woodsy notes and hints of lavender and musk. Reminiscent of an exotic cologne. 

Rosewood & Amber - This fragrance is a mysterious and rich blend of tonka bean and soft rosewood with hints of citrus and cedar wood on a base of vetiver root and black amber resin.

Georgia Pie - Fresh peach nectar with notes of orange zest, vanilla, green - leaves.  A base of earthy sage, vetiver and patchouli aids in the true-to-life hemp scent, creating a succulent yet relaxing aroma. * product does not contain THC or CBD

90's Vibe - This enticing fruity blend sends you down memory lane. Hints of berries, apple and peach nectar atop of coconut milk, effervescence and jasmine. Completed with a base of white musk, vanilla, strawberry and black cherry. 

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